I’m the assistant editor and digital coordinator at Lake Superior Magazine and a graduate of Northwestern’s Medill School of Journalism, telling stories with text, images, sound and code. I’ve written stories for Sports Illustrated, Sports Illustrated Kids and Chicago Public Radio and penned guides for American Park Network.




Retired Projects

Selected Stories

“Is a Maritime Career Waiting for You?”
Lake Superior Magazine, February 2017.

Drawn to the water, be it by heart or mind? How to join the industry.

“Great Lakes Fleet’s Ties to Duluth”
Lake Superior Magazine, June 2016.

They date back to 1901 and Augustus B. Wolvin, who wouldn’t leave Duluth.

“Kayaking Safely on Lake Superior”
Lake Superior Magazine, April 2016.

What you need to know about paddling this inland sea.

“6 Trails for Maritime Sights”
Lake Superior Magazine, April 2016.

Satisfying strolls with great views and a dose of maritime heritage.

“Sault Athletes Take on Blood Cancers with Life-Giving Donations”
Lake Superior Magazine, February 2016.

A quick swab, soon forgotten, would lead to something long worth remembering.

“Just How Big is Lake Superior?”
LakeSuperior.com, January 2016.

The Lake’s enormity, in words and graphics.

“Microplastics: Pollutants in a Small Package”
Lake Superior Magazine, October 2015.

These tiny pollutants can have a large impact.

“Engineering Better Health”
Lake Superior Magazine, June 2015.

Medical magic being made real at Michigan Tech.

“French Duo Bikes the Lake Superior Shore”
LakeSuperior.com, June 2015.

Excerpts from a conversation, with a bit of audio, too.

“Big Lake Bike Heaven: A Guide to Regional Bike Trails”
Lake Superior Magazine, May 2015.

Fill up those tires and grab your helmet: We’re going for a ride.

“Grandma’s Marathon 2014”
LakeSuperior.com, June 2014.

Photos from a record-setting race day on Minnesota’s North Shore.

“What’s Up? A New Wave of Fun on the Water”
Lake Superior Magazine, May 2014.

For longtime kayakers and canoeists, standup paddleboarding offers a fresh perspective on familiar waters and a new challenge, but the booming sport is also drawing in folks who’ve never held a paddle.

Video: “2013-14’s Lake Superior Ice in 60 Seconds”
LakeSuperior.com, May 2014.

Remembering a historic winter.

“Obit: Captain Dudley J. Paquette”
LakeSuperior.com, May 2014.

“Piping Plovers: How the Rare Shorebirds Became a Big Lake Eco Success”
Lake Superior Magazine, April 2014.

The species’ future – and the Lake Superior soundscape – has brightened once again.

“‘Horrible’ Ice Conditions Stall Shipping Season”
LakeSuperior.com, March 2014.

One week into the shipping season, ice on Lake Superior has sent two vessels – including an icebreaker – limping back to port, and no laker has yet reached the Soo Locks.

“What This Winter’s Ice Bridge to Isle Royale Means for the Island and Its Wolves”
LakeSuperior.com, February 2014.

A solid ice bridge over Lake Superior has formed between Isle Royale and the mainland, an increasingly rare link that could bring new life – quite literally – to an isolated and inbred Isle Royale National Park wolf population facing extirpation.

“Ice Caves of the Apostle Islands”
LakeSuperior.com, February 2014.

One of Lake Superior's geological marvels, the mainland sea caves at Apostle Islands National Lakeshore are open to winter visitors for the first time since 2009.

“Non-Ferrous Mining Supporters, Critics Convene for Polymet’s Duluth Public Meeting”
WTIP North Shore Community Radio, January 2014.

A radio report on a proposed open-pit copper mine near Hoyt Lakes that has sparked an impassioned debate across northeastern Minnesota.

“Better Late: Older Students Fulfill Educational Bucket Lists”
Lake Superior Magazine, November 2013.

Unlike the other students in that Spanish course, starting new chapters in their young lives, David and his wife, Judy, were continuing one they started nearly 50 years earlier.

“Emerald Ash Borer Discovered in Superior, Wisconsin”
LakeSuperior.com, August 2013.

The emerald ash borer, an invasive insect species that has killed tens of millions of ash trees in the United States and Canada, has been found in Superior, the first infestation discovered on the western shores of Lake Superior.

“Safe Harbor”
Lake Superior Magazine, February 2013.

For more than 40 years, the Twin Ports Ministry to Seafarers has provided services to the globe-trotting crews of foreign vessels that venture to the most-inland port of the Great Lakes system, helping make a hard life a little easier.

“Keepers of History”
Lake Superior Magazine, February 2013.

The Lake Superior Maritime Visitor Center opened in 1973 in a Canal Park that hardly resembled the Duluth tourist hub it is today.

“Passing the Torch”
Lake Superior Magazine, January 2013.

In its 40 years, the Lake Superior Maritime Visitor Center has had just two directors: Patrick Labadie, who retired to Alpena, Michigan, in 2000; and Thom Holden, who will retire from the post at the end of January.

“Southern Grand Circle Road Trip”
Oh, Ranger!, April 2012.

A travel piece, for the OhRanger.com monthly newsletter, on a Southwestern road trip. (I’ve also written several Oh, Ranger! guides.)

“The Knothole”
The Baseball Chronicle, October 2011.

A personal story about camaraderie and watching a game through the walls of Wrigley Field.

“Shipwrecks: Treasures in Watery Ruins”
Chicago Public Radio, July 2011.

A radio documentary on Great Lakes shipwrecks and the people who look for them. Co-produced.

“Chris Doleman”
Sports Illustrated, August 2010.

A 300-word profile for SI’s annual Where Are They Now issue.

“Ken Ruettgers”
Sports Illustrated, August 2010.

A 300-word profile for SI’s annual Where Are They Now issue.

“50 Things You Must Do This Summer”
Sports Illustrated Kids, July 2010.

Six-page spread. Co-written.

“The Once and Future Baseball Man”
The Baseball Chronicle, July 2010.

A feature on a young sabermetrician with front office aspirations. Winner, honorable mention, 2010 AEJMC student writing contest (PDF).

“Shoeless Joe”
Pitchers and Poets, September 2009.

A personal essay about loss, a family road trip and Shoeless Joe.